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pangaea management is proud to be affiliated with a number of successful and high profile tourism PR and trade representation companies. By working together and pooling our experience and resources we are able to provide pan-European solutions as well as offering local, up-to-date market intelligence enabling our clients to gain a competitive edge.


here are a few of our friends and colleagues...

- Kleber PR Network is Germany's leading tourism PR company and one of the most successful in Europe. Founded in 1994 by Hanna Kleber, KPRN has a client list spanning the globe and has a head office in Frankfurt with regional offices in Berlin and Duesseldorf. Part of the global Tourism Trademark communications partnership, Kleber currently represents several high profile clients from around the globe in Germany and German speaking Europe. For more details and to contact the team, visit the website at; www.kprn.de/kprn_home.html

- Juicy Communications was founded by Pangaea's PR Director Susie de Carteret in 2007. Bringing a wealth of PR experience and considerable media contacts in the UK and around the world, Juicy gives us a real voice in the market. Juicy has a variety of clients from all corners of the world. To find out more about Juicy, contact Susie de Carteret from our "meet the team" link above.

- Blue Earth Management was founded in 2005 by Pangaea director Chris Crampton. Initially building upon Chris' extensive and unique commercial aviation experience, Blue Earth now has clients from several different countries and many different industry sectors. To discover more about Blue Earth, contact Chris from our "meet the team" link above.

- Clout Tourism Management Solutions was (as the name suggests) founded by Pangaea director Nick Clout in 2008. Working primarily as a tourism marketing consultancy, clout-tms is currently in discussion with a number of tourism businesses around the world. To find out more, contact Nick from our "meet the team" link above.


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